• JM Peace

    We can’t tell you JM Peace’s true identity.

    What we can tell you is that she’s a serving police officer who would rather be an author.

    With twenty years experience on the beat in Queensland, Australia, she writes her police procedurals with the voice of authority. She gives a unique insight into police culture and a behind-the-scenes look at policing. Her books beam with authenticity that you won’t find in most other crime dramas.

    Her first novel,  A Time To Run, was released in July 2015. It won a Davitt Award, was translated into German as Die Hatz and Spanish as La Caceria.

    The sequel, The Twisted Knot, released a year later.

    An Unwatched Minute was released in May 2019.

    Her fast-paced stories have found an enthusiastic audience around the world.